What is the fee if you close the booth during dinner?

Again, nothing.  Though if you might be kind enough to throw a few scraps at our attendants I’m sure they would appreciate it, they won’t be offended if you don’t.  We understand event food can be very pricey!

The flip side of that is that we don’t recommend it.  That hour or so before dinner is so chaotic that the booth usually gets minimal use.  What we have found to be the best timing is to open the booth about an hour after dinner is scheduled to start.  What generally happens, no matter how you are serving dinner, is that about an hour after people start eating, some people are done and others don’t even have food yet.  This is the time when those done eating get bored, the PERFECT time to entice them to the photobooth.  Bored people will entertain themselves with whatever is at hand, and once a few of those photo strips start floating around, EVERYONE wants one!

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